Assyrian Date Converter (1.1)

When does the Assyrian New Year begin? March 21th or April 1st? The answer is both. March 21 marks the beginning of spring (the Vernal Equinox), which marked the beginning of the Assyrian new year in the calendar our great forefathers used. April 1st also marked the beginning of the new year. How? Simply, April 1st was movable, and the month of April (Neesan) began when the new year began (the Vernal Equinox begins at a slightly different time each year).

For the purposes of this Assyrian Date Converter, I have assumed that the Assyrian year begins on April 1st of the Gregorian Calendar; this makes the conversion much easier and also corresponds to how Assyrians actually use the Assyrian date today.

Using the Assyrian Date Converter. Just enter a date and click on Convert. Be sure to enter the full, four digit year (1997, not 97).

The Assyrian Date Converter Requires Java 1.1 or higher to run.

Last updated: 12/27/2005

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