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Peter BetBasoo

Skills in Brief
10 years Java 15+ years C/C++/MFC/Visual C++
7 years Swing 15+ years Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2K
4 years J2EE (JDBC, JSP/Servlets, JavaMail) 2 years Linux
1 year JNI 3 years COM/DCOM
4 years Tomcat 3 years ODBC
1 year Resin 4 years SQL (Oracle/MySQL/MS Access/SQL Anywhere)
2 years XML/HTML 11 years Visual SourceSafe
4 years Netbeans 1 year TCP/IP/UDP

Contract Programmer
General Dynamics (Pittsfield, MA), 12/8/08 5/8/09
Worked on the Department of Homeland Security Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) portal; worked on adding AJAX functionality to Liferay portal (Sun Webspace); wrote custom portlets using Java; customized portlets and JSP webpages using the Liferay extension environment and Struts, Java 1.6, Glassfish v2; worked with MySQL and Oracle. Subversion.
Contract Programmer
Assyrian International News Agency (Chicago), 7/8/08 10/24/08
Updated code base to J2SE 1.6. Added extensive new functionality to the online publishing system using JSPs, Servlets; converted portions of the backend administration system to AJAX; added anti-spam protection to web pages; updated database administration system (MySQL, JDBC, SQL) to allow for concurrent access.
Contract Programmer
IBM (White Plains, New York), 1/7/08 6/30/08
Responsible for upgrading application from Visual C++ 6.0 to Visual Studio .NET 2003 and extending application (in C++/MFC). Added graphical mapping of data center, with zoom support; added drag & drop and clipboard functionality; added XML file saving and loading; extended file serialization; redesigned internal storage model.
Contract Programmer
Boeing Integrated Defense Systems (Philadelphia), 1/8/07 - 12/21/07
Responsible for customizing an engineering application (TeamCenter) by developing custom modules in Java (JDK 1.6), C/C++ (Visual Studio .NET 2003), using Swing/MFC, Oracle connectivity (JDBC), SQL optimizations using TOAD, XML processing, SOAP services.
Contract Programmer
Applied Research Labs, University of Texas (Austin), 1/8/04 - 12/22/06
Applied Research Labs, University of Texas (Austin), 1/8/04 - 12/22/06 Developed handheld sonar simulator, using C++, MFC and Visual Studio .NET 2003; wrote serial port routines to communicate in real-time with the hardware sonar simulator; wrote graphics routines to display and manipulate the sonar image; wrote component for creating, editing and executing training scripts. CVS, StarTeam.

Responsible for development of graphics library for the COIN project, in Java (JDK 1.4.2); Application was written in NetBeans and is a full Swing implementation, using components such as JMenu, JMenuBar, JMenuItem, JFrame, JInternalFrame, JDialog, JTable; wrote graphics routines for displaying geometric objects (circles, lines, polygons); wrote object management layer using TreeMap, HashMap; used JNI to communicate with Windows application. StarTeam.
Contract Programmer
Assyrian International News Agency (Chicago), 1/14/03 10-25-03
Developed entire website ( using J2SE 1.4, J2EE 1.4, JSP, Resin JSP server, MySQL on Linux 2.6.9-42.EL (Red Hat 3.4.6-3). Developed extensive set of Beans and Servlets for web-based administration system, database administration, publishing system, user accounts, email news alerts. Developed RSS XML news feeder, Javascript news feeder, site search using Google SOAP API. Developed online forums. Developed classes to automate the use of JavaMail and JDBC. Developed a Singleton class for connection pooling.
Contract Programmer
SBC Ameritech, 4/21/02 - 12/27/02
Developed wireless Installer application for SBC’s GCAS software, using VC++ 6.0, Win32, BackWeb. Performed maintenance and debugging on GCAS (JDK 1.22, Swing, VisualAge 3.5). Added ODBC stored procedure calls to C++ database module (Oracle 8, PL/SQL, VC++ 6.0). Rational ClearCase.
Contract Programmer
Applied Research Labs, University of Texas (Austin), 11/9/00 - 6/29/01
Worked on PROBES, an electronic job processing system written in Java/Swing and C++, using XML to display document content. Responsible for the Viewer, a visual front end component, written in C++, Win32, using Visual C++ 6.0, Synex XML display engine; wrote various Java GUI components (Swing); wrote various Java components for document flow control (JDBC, Oracle 8.0); wrote Java Native Interface code (JDK 1.3) to interface with the Java based back end server. Used Forte for Java development. Visual SourceSafe.
Contract Programmer
Motorola Automated Fare Collection System, 4/24/00 - 10/24/00
Worked on Amtrak's Automated Fare Collection System. Responsible for implementing System Logging module, with support for Windows Event logging and COM error reporting (C++, ATL 3.0, MSDOM); developed Java GUI interface to central configuration module (JDK 1.3, Swing (JTable, JTree), JNI, NetBeans); developed Central Configuration module, a COM, XML based windows Service which allows for the central configuration and management of trains, stations and system components (C++, ATL 3.0). Visual SourceSafe.
Contract Programmer
Motorola Land Mobile Products Sector, 3/31/99 - 7/2/99
Responsible for implementing LinkMonitor Server (LMS), the server component of a client-server test automation tool. LMS used UDP to communicate with multiple test clients; LMS used ActiveX and DCOM to communicate with hardware devices  installed on the server. LMS was written in Visual C++ 5.0, using Sockets, ActiveX and DCOM.
Contract Programmer
Abbott Laboratories (Diagnostics Division), 11/9/98 - 2/26/99
Responsible for implementing various portions of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), including various GUI elements and reports, using Visual C++ 6.0, Oracle 7.0, Objective Grid 5.0.
Contract Programmer
Motorola Automotive and Industrial Electronics Group, 4/6/98 - 7/16/98
Responsible for porting Honda Cart Tools Engine Manager from C/SDK to MFC using Visual C++ 5.0. Engine Manager is a multi-threaded application that uses various synchronization mechanisms, including events, semaphores and mutexes. Also interfaces to third party ActiveX controls. 
Contract Programmer
Deloitte & Touche, 1/19/98 - 3/15/1998
LightYear project prototype using Visual Basic 5.0
Contract Programmer
Deloitte & Touche, 2/10/97 - 12/15/1997
Transfer Pricing project using MFC, Visual C++ 5.0, MS Access. Implemented GUI data input module, expression calculation engine, GUI formula builder, GUI SQL builder, Objective Grid 5.0.
Contract Programmer
ISE Technologies, 8/1/96 - 2/7/97
Responsible for the design and implementation of a Virtual Office System using Internet and Intranet technology, including MFC, Visual C++ 4.1, Oracle 7, Java 1.02, CGI, HTML, Visual Basic 4.0.
Contract Programmer
Pella Windows, 5/14/96 - 7/27/96
Responsible for upgrading QUOTE, a Sales Order system, using MFC and Visual C++ 4.1, Windows NT.
Contract Programmer
Comdisco, 1/11/96 - 4/1/96
ComPAS project, Responsible for upgrading Skribe report writer from Windows 3.1/Zinc 3.0 to MFC/Windows NT. Designed and implemented multithreaded printing subsystem.
Contract Programmer
Comdisco, 9/25/95 - 1/10/96
Class project. Wrote four custom controls using C/SDK: integer, float, currency, and date. The controls allow for a spin button and are internationally enabled via Windows Control Panel International settings. The date control includes a popup calendar which supports drag and drop of dates.All features of a standard edit control were supported, including fonts, the clipboard, and undo.
Contract Programmer
Official Airline Guides, 8/14/95 - 9/22/95
Added new functionality to OAG's HotelDisk software, which is written in Visual Basic 3.0. Modified HotelDisk to allow for custom points of interest and corporate/preferred hotels.
Lead Software Engineer
Riverside Publishing Company, 2/93 - 8/95
Responsible for design and coding of all scoring software for the IBM PC and Macintosh. Managed six programmer development team for Riverside Local Scoring Software project, written for Windows 3.1 in MFC/MS VC++ 1.5 using Access 2.0 engine via ODBC. Managed two programmer development team for Riverside Student Data Management System project, written for Windows 3.1 in MFC/MS VC++ 1.5 using Access 2.0 engine via ODBC.. Designed and coded KeyScore for DOS in MS VB/DOS.
Programmer/Analyst II
Ravenswood Hospital, 6/92 - 1/93 Programmed and maintained hospital administration system written in Forth and CYBOS, running under DEC VAX/VMS.
Mittelhauser Corporation, 11/89 - 2/92
Developed EdificeTM, a laboratory database management system, using (for DOS) Btrieve, MS BASIC 7.1, MS C 6.0, ProBas, Babydriver, and (for Windows) MS C 6.0, SDK, Btrieve, and CASE:W Professional. Developed WYSIWYG report generator with printer drivers for text enhancement on various printers (DOS version), help engine (DOS version), statistical analysis package, graphing package, windowing system (DOS version).
Strata Marketing, 12/88 - 11/89
Developed PC AID, a report generator, and CrossTabs, a cross tabulation program, using MS BASIC 6.0 and ProBas.
Contract Programmer
Ashurbanipal Library, 1/87 - 4/87
Designed and wrote ALAP, a complete library administration system, in dBase III+.
MONNACEP, 1/86 - 12/89
Developed course curriculums. Taught WordPerfect, Lotus 123, dBase III+, WordStar, MS-DOS
Programmer (part time)
University of Illinois, Department of Conferences and Institutes, 1/86 - 8/86
Designed and wrote database system, using Smart, to administer continuing education program.
Education: University of Illinois at Chicago. B.A. in Geology, 1985; B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science, 1987.
Activities: I play classical guitar and am a part-time composer.

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